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We are your one stop shop.

Let our additional services take your event from ordinary to extraordinary!

Don't see a service you are looking for? Click here to check out our full Commercial/Residential Landscape Division.

Flowers, Shrubs, and Planters

Let our beautiful variety of flowers, plants, shrubs, and planters take your event from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Let Live Earth come in and design the full event landscape for you, or bring your idea to us and we will bring it to life. You are in control!

Turf, Walkways, & Lighting

Temporary Turf

Make any area looking professionally maintained and manicured with our temporary turf solutions. Your your temporary event, will leave a permanent impression on your guests!

Temporary Walkways

Ground Protection, Increased Accessibility and Safety! A temporary walkway will protect both users and the ground underfoot. Building a non-permanent walkway protects the grass and ground from getting ripped up. With the right kind of temporary sidewalk, not a single mark will be left on the ground underneath. This is particularly important during festivals and large events with seriously heavy foot traffic. 

Temporary Lighting

Whether it is a wedding, graduation party or just a dinner with friends and family, outdoor lighting will make a great addition to your next event. Not only will it create a welcoming glow on your property, but it also provides enough illumination to make sure no one trips while walking (or dancing) around
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